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Mumbai 1st Feb H. In this edition, there are several improvements which include: Increase in content to cover the entire theory and practicals needed for all levels of officers. Inclusion of colour drawings to not only make them attractive but also to better illustrate their contents. Removal of the Havesine formulae in calculations as this has become extinct nowadays, as scientific calculators are used by most people afloat and ashore.

The use of A, B, C Tables and the Intercept formula to calculate initial and final courses and the distance on a great circle track. Increase in the page size from A5 to A4 so that the book does not become too thick. Mumbai: 1st April Capt. Subramaniam Preface to the 4th edition The book has been modernized and updated throughout.

A practical exercise on TRS has been added. While revising this book I have not lost of the sight of the aim of this book — meteorology for mariners. Preface to the 3rd edition Meteorology can be a very interesting subject if tackled properly. The secret is the order in which the topics are studied. Everything would then seem to fall into a proper pattern whereby nothing needs to be conned by rote learned by heart.

Meteorology is a vast subject and there are many books on it. However, this book is meant to give the mariner the necessary knowledge in a simple and concise manner in a nutshell!

The sketches and maps have been personally drawn by me and simplified to make the subject easier to understand. In this edition, the third, minor changes have been made throughout especially in the weather reporting system, the various weather codes, meteorological instruments, the International Ice Patrol and weather routeing with cross-references, wherever necessary, to the amendments to SOLAS Preface to the 5th edition The explanations of Head-up, North-up and Course-up displays have been elaborated further with additional drawings.

Minor editorial improvements have been made where necessary. Preface to the 4th edition Every author who writes a technical book does so with a certain purpose in mind, to suit a specific need. This book is intended not only to make an officer competent in the use of radar, but also to serve as a reference book that he would like to carry with him at sea. I have tried to give radar plotting the importance it deserves by devoting nearly half the book to it.

Work sheets, showing the working of each exercise, have been included so that quick revision is possible whenever desired. No changes have been made in Part IV — radar plotting. This was intentionally included at the end after radar plotting so that the student may study radar first without too much information coming to him prematurely. This inclusion of ten more chapters here was needed because some topics like Cross Curves of Stability, Trim, etc are now part of the DNS course.

Hence that chapter also has been brought down to this book. However, only a small part of this chapter is needed for the DNS course. The rest is for the Chief Mate Course.

I was pleasantly surprised when many Marine Engineers said that they found the Stability books in the Nutshell Series very useful.

Mumbai 13th Sep By: Capt. These booklets proved to be very popular. They would be discontinues when this book is published. I have made the chapter on the sextant more crisp with detailed diagrams on checking its errors.

I have reduced the chapter on the chronometer considerably bearing in mind that most of the modern ships do not carry a chronometer as they use the GPS clock for correct time! Teaching at pre-sea academies gives me more satisfaction than lecturing at post sea colleges as the young cadets look up to you as a role model, an icon or even a hero.

Mumbai, 21st August Many Marine Engineers have thanked me saying that they found these stability books in the Nutshell Series very useful to them.



Vogul Jim McNamara, National Wubramaniam I have carefully divided the subject into parts so that, after studying for about three quarters of an hour, the student is given an exercise to work to test the knowledge gained by him in that chapter. Navigation Navigation The American practical Inclusion of colour drawings to not only make them practical navigation by capt h subramaniam but also to better illustrate their contents. However, only a small part of this chapter is needed for the DNS course. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. I can now confidently recommend that the Third Officer may be in charge of forward stations, on all ships, as suggested in this book. Work sheets, showing the working of each practical navigation by capt h subramaniam, have been included so that quick revision is possible whenever practial. To find more books about practical navigation capt subramaniamyou can use practical navigation by capt h subramaniam keywords: Nautical Watch-keeping — Nutshell Series Book 7 Preface to the Second Edition Among all the books written by me so far, this one has been the most thought provoking.


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