Sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute, this expert engineering guide helps you deal effectively with stability and control problems resulting from these major changes in the industry. Power System Stability and Control contains the hands-on information you need to understand, model, analyze, and solve problems using the latest technical tools. The book features a complete account of equipment characteristics and modeling techniques. Included is detailed coverage of generators, excitation systems, prime movers, ac and dc transmission, and system loads-plus principles of active and reactive power control, and models for control equipment.

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Customer Book Reviews Book evaluation A Customer on Jul 30, The book is one of the top books in the area of power system stability and control. There are many chapters in the book that provided a detail outline of power system components modeling for load flow and stability studies this include generators, exciters, governors, HVDC lines, etc.

Also, it contains a good description of time domain stability analysis methods, voltage stability studies, and subsynchronous resonance in power system. The only shortcoming of the book is the transient Energy Function TEF portion which is not well explained and very short without enough details about the method.

The implementation example of this portion is only 2 bus system with on of them is infinite bus bar system. There is no software attached to this book, but the reader can utilized free power system tools like PSAT to simulate some of the book examples. I highly recommended this book for engineers and students in the area of power system operation and control.

Power system stability and control By Ramaiah Divi on Mar 16, I think this book is a valuable one for both practricing engineers and academecians. It provides basic theory of synchronous machines and devlops models for the same. It gives an over view of fundmentals of power system stability transient and small signal. It includes modeling of generators, governors, exciters and stabilizers in the simulation of system stability. Also covered in the text is the voltage stability and several examples.

I recommend to both graduate students and power system engineers in the field. We found this book to be excellent, and I highly recommend it.

Power System Stability and Control By Octavio Hern on Jun 04, I decided to buy this book because i use it a lot, i give five star to the book content. Very good By Yasutaka Kimura on Mar 10, By the literature of power system stability, since there are nothing rather detailed so far, it becomes helpful for me.

But some level is required for readers, maybe good for graduate school students and junior engineers. A professional work, items with exelent professional level.. This book is one that any power engineer ought to own. Now I have it. Very detailed and complete reference. By Jp Howe on Feb 24, The subjects covered are complex.

The material is developed well and the book provided a good companion reference to a course I was taking. As well, it is the text book for one of the you tube courses offered on the subject. The only request I would make of the author is more worked examples. Kundur is a leading expert on the area of stability and control.

This book contains topics on voltage stability, modeling, and advance topics on stability of power system. If you are dealing with system studies then I highly recommend this book. I would like something more in line with the new system stability models. By Arash Rashidi on Sep 26, This book has a fundamental chapter about the transient behavior of synchronous machines which makes it among the best books in the context of electric machines and power systems.

Compendium of all things power systems By Rod M. Holland on Sep 17, Basically this is one of the standard refenence books for power system people who do research or development work. The level is graduate, and a very useful refrence for those who do some research in areas which are associated which stability and control.

In my point of view, you can find most of the desired subjects in stability and control in this book. Generally, it is a very good book.. This should be every power engineers first fundamental book. I got lost in every other book, but as it says in the preface, this book gathers it all together so the Engineer out of college doesnt have to hunt and buy. In fact, all these advanced books heavily reference it including many standards.

The hardcover version - which I personally prefer - is one of the best of its kind. The book is very easy to handle and to store. The packaging of the book was acceptable and it arrived with almost no damage. I am considering recommending the book to my colleagues, specially the new engineers, as it covers most aspects of the dynamics and control systems world. It was a great purchase for me, thanks a lot! This book has a very good treatment and complete of Power System Stability and Control By Amazon Customer on Jun 13, This book has a very good treatment and complete of Power System Stability and Control , it is of easy understanding is an excellent engeneering book.

I apologize for my English because I do not speak and write this language very well. Thanks for you. Very detailed and with step by step explanaitions The book is excellent! By Elcio Arruda on Sep 14, It was everything ok!

The book is excellent! Four Stars By Battler on Feb 05, Very useful reference for engineers performing power system studies. I learnt a lot. Five Stars By Hector R. Puente on Oct 05, Great book at an excellent price. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format.

It was published by McGraw-Hill Education and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


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