Where did they get that authority to produce and distribute Farmans that were not annotated by the Imam? Have you? Imam does not edit Farmans which means Imam does not change them after they are delivered. In any event the authenticity or integrity of Farmans in the book have not been challenged in the lawsuit. The London farman was edited.

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Where did they get that authority to produce and distribute Farmans that were not annotated by the Imam? Have you? Imam does not edit Farmans which means Imam does not change them after they are delivered. In any event the authenticity or integrity of Farmans in the book have not been challenged in the lawsuit. The London farman was edited.

Why would Imam then say again in Singapore that Leaders are not sharing his guidance his with the Jamat. Which Top Leaders are responsible.

They are both controlled and managed by Dr SS. MK was a governor and Professor Arkhoon died. We now have 2 IIS governors who have not been replaced. There are excellent Ismaili professional available, both voluntary and non voluntary.

On December 28th, Alnaz J not verified says: Soulmate has questioned the authorization of publishing unannotated farmans. Soulmate does NOT have the ability, capacity nor the wisdom required to analyze these things. It is as if he comes across a pregnant woman and questions whether or not she is a virgin. It betrays his gross lack of wisdom, but is it surprising? No doubt about that. It is like he is giving us annotated farmans farmans along with his thought process, never before released to anyone, to my knowledge, and the offer is made to us.

I am still in disbelief and awed by the offer, of course when I meet him I will ask for these farmans. He would never make this offer to us IF he considered as his enemies or if he has really himself written the letters, or affirmation, or brought the claim against us. Although his leaders are accusing us of theft, the imam is responding by offering us keys and security code to his safe.

Similarly soulmates and his chamchas are blind, their inner eyes sealed while we are offered by the Imam his annotated farmans, and soulmate is concerned about authorization of the farmans - a person has graduated as a heart surgeon from Harvard, and soulmate is wondering if that heart surgeon has his high school diploma.

Hmmm, the question itself betrays his real worth - garbage in garbage out. Reply bloglaw : If you do not know you should feel free to seek information from our Leadership. Maybe you have. When Imam delivers a Farman or a speech to the Jamat or Leaders.

There is also an independent recording just in case. Then immediately afterwards they are transcribed. With latest technology, during GJ, it is instantaneous. He can take his illegal books to his grave, but spare us ismailies, ….

We have Hazar Imam to take care of it. Can you not get this message through your head!!! However the truth is they are still not available?

NT, Imam and DR SS are all effectively agreeing Farmans in the book are authentic because they are not challenging their authenticity or integrity in this lawsuit!

They are not Valid after they are edited by Leaders, or when published - read in JK. Annotate means On December 29th, Bloglaw not verified says: Soulmate says : Bloglaw: I knew well in advance that you will land in quicksand and there will be no escape for you. The Imam Himself says that He annotates His Farmans but you go off on a tangent saying that is not so. So what you are really saying is that the Imam is wrong and you are right; correct?

Sorry, I can not ask you to take a hike because you have landed in quick sand; so stay there! Reply by bloglaw Hello! We must seek and not reject knowledge or wisdom. They are a part of our daily lives.

We must seek knowledge for good purposes and use it for benefit of all. We must share knowledge amongst ourselves. Quran says we must seek knowledge to also better understand creation. A Hadith which says seek knowledge even if it is in China i. If you seek knowledge and use it properly, it is an act of faith MHI has reassured us.

Imam says knowledge was different 50 yeas ago and has expanded and is expanding quickly and enormously. Imam says we also need to know how to use and manage knowledge. Imam has also said that Our institutions and Leaders are there to serve the Jamat and to help us to know and to understand. Imam also said in , we must indulge seek share and discuss in knowledge and use it for good purposes.

Your Mukhi Saheb and ITREB will and should be very happy to share these Farmans with any murid who is interested, and tto help them understand and know what they know not. So there is every reason to for us all to seek and share knowledge and wisdom.

You have mentioned my name somewhere on your blog but I do not see any blog directly addressed to me! However, we cannot look for what is not meant to be seeking out! All contributors are independent and will stress their independence to express their thoughts. Thus, the rationality can only sustain the right from wrong! Consequently, the Ismaili Muslims are peaceful and humanitarian. These honorary services can take us to the remote part of the world to understand how the humanity have survived where modern technology and modern means of survival are not available!

So when our religious conviction is sincerely applied; it will help us to better ourselves to share the joy of our know-how and experience! I do not imagine, anybody would, willingly deny somebody the benefits of knowledge and wisdom. By delegating sincerely your know-how and experience, the burden of any undertaking is shared with better judgment, thus removing smallness and inequitable complex! Allah Hafez, Nizar Ali K.

Shivji On December 29th, Bloglaw not verified says: Reason you did not see my comment is Editor of Vancouverite did not post it. He does not post all which is understandable. For example he also said he has spoken to me. I responded and said that we have never spoken.. We had agreed in an email exchange that we should speak and discuss some 6 months ago but did not.. The Quran and Hazar Imam guides and teaches us to seek knowledge of that which we know not.

In so doing, Hazar Imam has blessed us with Farmans, Institutions, a constitution and specific directions. Therefore when you are concerned and uncertain as you are. And if you wish to understand and know the truth, then you should seek information or clarity of that which you know not.

Firstly by reading the documents available. In your case I feel it may help you to read the directives I have summarized in an earlier post and the Farman I quoted in my open letter to Dr Sachedina posted earlier. Please feel free and comfortable in quoting them if you need to and clarify them too. In sincerely seeking information we are not questioning MHI or the leaders.

Also when you speak to them, you will be also assured that you have the right which Imam has granted to write and submit your Mehmani Arji to Hazar Imam. A relevant verse in the Quran is stated below for you to consider too All 3 translations Quran Asad Even as We have sent unto you an apostle from among yourselves to convey unto you Our messages, and to cause you to grow in purity, and to impart unto you revelation and wisdom, and to teach you that which you knew not Y.

Ali A similar favour have ye already received in that We have sent among you an Messenger of your own, rehearsing to you Our Signs, and sanctifying you, and instructing you in Scripture and Wisdom, and in new knowledge.

I fully agree with your para. I remember when I was discussing this lawsuit with my relatives, one of them opposed, saying that we should not discuss anything about Hazar Imam. That is the mentality of lot of our Jamati members, I suppose our missionaries have put in the minds of the Jamat that it is "paap" to question.

Thank you. This forum and lawsuit has been a start. Any Murid who cannot get information and answers they are seeking, will I hope feel comfortable using this forum, and they can be assured that we will help our brothers and sisters. Yasmin you are right about the present culture which I hope will change sooner rather than later, and there will be an "effective" institutional forum With Ya Ali Madad Change!! On December 27th, Alnaz not verified says: MHI in during USA visit said that many changes, changes more than we could imagine will come to the organization of our jamat, and then said, the jamats thinking proceeds must change.

MHI then in Gilgit march explained the changed thinking process we must go through. Our jamats and leaders have still not got what MHI wanted us to achieve after expressing it about 23 years ago. I think there has been On December 28th, Bloglaw not verified says: I think there has been change in the last 23 years in the demographic and material dynamics of the Jamat which has moved and is organically growing in numbers, by half a million to 1 million a year if we take the 15 million figure which over the last 10 years is the same figure we hear and in our official websites and communication.

That is excluding Tajikistan and Afghanistan Jamat numbers in the last 10 years. These numbers and growth is bigger than many countries. I agree this lawsuit has highlighted serious gaps of the ground realities, which need to be addressed.

We must take comfort in that and knowing Imam knows and knows best. Therefore we can also look forward to change for the better which will take time and we must be patient and supportive. OR More of the same! On December 28th, Bloglaw not verified says: I did not think of the numbers. Thank you Alibhai and Yasmin whose comment made me reflect on this. Imagine we therefore will have today over 6 million children in BUI globally and over half a milllion added annually.




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