The IceWM manpages provide additional documentation. Generally, it tries to make all functions available both by keyboard and by mouse this is not currently possible when using mouse focus. Since it has a theming engine others styles are possible. A large number of original themes have been created and published by users. Further information can be found at the IceWM website , at the current site of development , which includes the support requests. First steps The IceWM suite consists of the following core applications provided by the main package: icewm - The actual window manager binary.

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That is the output of Conky, a light-weight system monitor that gives you real-time information on various iewm of your computer. The syntax of the lines here is:. There are multiple possibilities, and the easiest way is to install Envy and let it do the dirty work for you. If you want to be able to play an audio file from the Internet, open xmms and select Play Location, then enter the Internet location URL of the file.

You can download the latest version here. March 20, at 3: You have five good options in antiX, from the lightest, to the simplest, up to a full-featured one.

Notify me of new comments via email. It opens to your home directory, where you can change the view to include hidden system files by clicking on the eye icon up on the menu bar. So to update the system in a root terminal type: I found your site with the intent to install the programs onto the menu.

Console Ubuntu First of all, this is not the easiest way. If you have no idea how to edit xorg. July 3, at 9: The syntax is as following: This was the perfect guide for setting up some of the basic tweaks that I so desperately wanted, thanks a ton! The window options that are established by this file when icewm 1 starts can be overridden while running using the icesh 1 or icewmhints 1 utilities.

ROX comes already preconfigured with some icons in antiX by default. Minimized 1 Add to tray, no task when minimized. Basic Operation [ top ]. June 6, at Login To boot straight into X you need to create a. June 6, at manula Press F1 for help. There are 4 options, all found in the antiX Control Centre: Do not use Synaptic for a system upgrade! Call me lazy but I decided to stick with the CLI for my apps.

Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw and Math. You are commenting using your Facebook ixewm. Menu 12 Windows above the dock. Keys As you may suspect, this is where your keyboard shortcuts go. Nano is a command-line application run by control keys listed at the bottom of the screen. This part is easy enough. November 30, at 2: This is a simple example: Most 10 Related.



The IceWM suite consists of the following core applications provided by the main package: icewm - The actual window manager binary. It handles window placement and draws the window decorations. It can assign plain background color or images in different formats to the X background. Either shared or separate for different workspaces. This program should be started before icewm. This is the preferred program to start IceWM.



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