The ultrasound identifies the types of tissue and optimizes the image accordingly. A: Hi Com uses compound imaging and frequency selection to improve the image quality. Q:What is RVS? A: Yes, there are video output ports for connection to external devices.

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The ultrasound platform features: Pure Imaging evolved to fit your sight offering unprecedented image quality, optimized to user preferences. Seamless workflow evolved to fit your touch providing excellent ergonomics, easy-of-use, precision and efficiency for a comfortable examination experience. Advanced applications to fit your process such as RVS in support of RFA, Elastography, Fetal 3D and many other technologies which help you to increase your diagnostic confidence.

The resultant ease-of-use and exam consistency significantly improve throughput, streamlining workflow. Rapid, accurate examinations in a comfortable environment are realized for both operators and patients. Detailed ergonomic design that meets recommended industry standards supports a comfortable working environment. The platform is compact and light-weight, with excellent ergonomics designed to recommended industry standards using operator feedback.

The large palm rest at the center of the operating console is designed to provide optimum wrist support to reduce stress when scanning for long periods. Two-way multi-rotary encoders offer intuitive operation, enabling the management of many functions in one control. This results in a significant reduction of hand and arm movements and a shortening of the examination time. The panel height can be lowered to 70 cm, allowing the operator to perform lower extremity examinations with a safe, comfortable reach to the operating console.

From the extensive range of available transducers, you can be sure to find the one that is appropriate for your examination.

Less patient-dependent B-mode image variability is experienced; imaging of high quality and sensitivity is available immediately the transducer is applied reducing the need for time-consuming adjustment. Blood flow information can be easily acquired. The sharply delineated Doppler waveform is easy to measure. Real-time Tissue Elastography RTE visualizes relative tissue stiffness, offering complementary information for diagnosis.

It has proven clinical value across a wide breadth of applications including breast, thyroid, liver, and prostate. ARIETTA V60 is equipped with easy-to-use tools for comprehensive cardiac exams: Dynamic Slow-motion Display is a side-by-side presentation of a real-time image and its slow-motion counterpart. Dual Gate Doppler allows observation and measurement of Doppler waveforms from two separate locations during the same heart cycle. These advanced functions can shorten exam times and support effective investigations.

In obstetrics, the 4D display is a communication tool which can encourage the bond between mother and fetus, and strengthen family ties. As a user-friendly diagnostic ultrasound system full of functional and ergonomic features, F37 is ready to be your partner.

Imaging features inherited from higher-class models provide a work environment for concentrated examinations. The F31 embodies these Japanese traditions combining quality and affordability in a compact ultrasound platform. The high performance capabilities and advanced system features enable the F31 to meet the requirements across a wide spectrum of clinical applications. The flexible operating console and adjustable monitor of the F31 ultrasound platform combine to give a high degree of ease of use, safety and mobility.

Thanks to its intuitive and simple operation, it fulfils the fundamental role of a portable ultrasound system, bringing the clinical benefits of diagnostic ultrasound into new areas of healthcare.

The design and usability of the ARIETTA Prologue has been comprehensively evaluated to deliver high performance as a cutting-edge, mobile ultrasound system fitting a wide array of user and operating requirements.

ARIETTA Prologue supports a broad range of examinations and, with its compact hand-carry design, can be used in a variety of different settings. Operators will not need to compromise their natural posture even in the smallest examination or treatment room. Its use can be extended by combining it with the cart or the probe tray.

The ARIETTA Prologue offers superior imaging quality and is equipped with functions that improve efficiency and support rapid, accurate diagnosis when and where needed. Developed to be used in the acute healthcare and surgical environments, it has been designed to fit into a confined space, and with an image quality that will not disappoint The ARIETTA Precision has a slim profile with a large Additionally, with wireless communication, the monitor and base units can be separated.

The dedicated remote control replicates the same touch panel operation and real-time ultrasound image display as on the monitor and so enables a flexible working layout in surgical rooms with limited space.

All parts of the unit are fully compatible with commonly-used disinfectant procedures, for safe use in the clean environment of the operating room. HI VISION Ascendus expands the product portfolio at the premium end to offer a platform where Hitachi Medical Systems can demonstrate its leadership in innovation and technology to the diagnostic imaging market. The Noblus is a versatile diagnostic ultrasound platform that can be easily adapted to the workplace.

With its premium features and large user-friendly display, Noblus provides the performance needed for a wide variety of clinical imaging irrespective of the exam location. The Noblus offers advanced functions that can be exploited in many different clinical situations. The Ultra BE, an ultrasound-specific digital signal processor is at the core of the Noblus, achieving advanced beam formation and sophisticated image processing. Migrated from the high-end HI VISION cart-based systems, this technology brings reliable diagnostic performance that will ensure a smooth workflow, and its powerful transmission and reception capability enables functions such as Real-time Tissue Elastography RTE and dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging dCHI , modalities that can offer increased diagnostic confidence.

This ultrasound platform combines productivity, enhanced tools and technology to provide: Smooth workflow and productivity Superb imaging and accurate diagnosis Simple to use applications and streamlined practice This ultrasound platform excels through ergonomic design, reducing examiner fatigue and facilitating examinations in a variety of clinical settings. This ultrasound platform combines: Clear imaging Clean applications The intuitive workflow of the ultrasound platform allows the operator to focus more on the patient than on the actual operation Reducing fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders of the examiner Facilitating examination in various clinical settings by adjusting the platform ARIETTA 50 benefits from: High contrast This ultrasound platform combines: Clear imaging Clean applications The intuitive workflow of the ultrasound platform allows the operator to focus more on the patient than on the actual operation Reducing fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders of the examiner Facilitating examination in various clinical settings by adjusting the platform ARIETTA 50LE benefits from: High contrast The LISENDO LE platform is redefining the vision for cardiac ultrasound by providing exceptional clinical performance combined with state of-the-art analysis and features.

The ultrasound platform features: Pure Image to attain remarkable fundamental image quality in cardiology, achieving more reliability during diagnosis and treatment Your Application to reach a most sophisticated visualization of the blood flow patterns and its mechanisms as well as an impressive display of 4D cardiac images Seamless workflow, ensuring high user operability by applying Artificial Intelligence AI technology to significantly improve examination efficiency.


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Manufacturer Reason for Recall Software anomaly. The letter describes the product, problem and actions to be taken. The customers were inform of the nature of the software error in the Doppler Trace Measurement feature; the circumstances under which this error can occur; and the safety issue involved should incorrect values generated lead to a false diagnosis of stenosis in a patient. The letter provides the customer with a workaround solution in order to avoid this issue. The customer were also instructed to call the HMSA Applications Helpline at to reprogram their system to temporarily eliminate the noted safted issue and to immediately have all selections unchecked on the Doppler trace measurement result store setting set up screen. The notification letter also states that Hitachi Medical Systems America HMSA will be having their service personnel schedule a visit at each customer location and install a software upgrade on each affected system unit in order to directly address, and permanently resolve this issue. If you need any further information regarding this notice, please contact the Manager of Regulatory Affairs at x or email to: thistlewaited hitachimed.



The Avius servers have been built and are maintained by Avius Ltd. Avius uses some commodity third party components to provide support for hardware scanners, data parsing, data storage etc. Written comments in Avius solutions responses may be processed by WebPurify and Google Translation APIs depending on customer preference to aid in filtering out profanity and translating comments into different languages. The comments are not sent with any additional survey response data and Avius Ltd does not provide a way to identify the customer or site. SECURITY Avius survey devices encrypts each response it stores in a way that means even the device cannot decrypt it, it can only be decrypted after being sent to our systems. Therefore, if the device is physically stolen or compromised none of the response data can be read.

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