Showing of 8 next show all Group G1 gilsbooks May 20, Gr. Bright and ambitious, Theresa, known as Tee-Ay at her hip-hop high school, also plays by the social rules, rapping in ghetto slang and trying hard not to act white : If you talk too proper, you might get jumped. A handful of young men also play parts, including Rickee Dunston, the low-integrity football god, and in greater measure, Devon Hampton, the school scholar. Although Sitomer explores the realities and challenges of urban African American adolescence, he strikes a fair balance between serious issues and more lighthearted fare, writing in a smart, conversational voice loaded with wit, rhythm, and energy. Some exaggerated characters and a fairly implausible ending do little to mar the pleasure of spending time with the dynamic and lovable Tee-Ay.

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Tee-Ay, the main character, gets a taste of the hip hop culture as she enters her new high school. The school is full of beat boxers, rappers, and break dancers. The students have their own lingo, and everyone in the school has some kind of nickname. Tone The tone of the story varies a lot. It goes from funny, to sad, to intense, to happy all over again. I think the overall tone was inspirational. The book is intense when devon gets shot, and he is fighting life or death.

This experience sent Theresa through many emotions, and made her very stressed. There were a lot of intense moments in this story, the big fight in the cafeteria of the school, and the moment when her best friend, Cee-saw, goes into labor. One example of how inspirational the story was when her best friend Devon gets shot in the neck,and he recovers successfully. Devon had missed the last three months of school, but was still valedictorian, and attended prom, graduated, and gave a inspirational speech to his peers.

Theme The theme of this story is to always follow your dreams, no matter what you have to do to fulfill them. Theresa faces many issues that distract her from her goals, such as her best friend Cee-Saw getting pregnant and her newest friend, Devon, getting hurt and ending up in the hospital. Those are two issues she went through socially, she also had a lot of academic issues such as her world history teacher Mr. Wardin being extremely hard on her, and the many college applications she had to fill out, and send on time.

Theresa fulfilled her dream, she had a lot of problems along the way but she succeeded. Diction Hip Hop High School is mostly slang. You can tell by the way they talk that they are teenagers. An example is when Theresa says this on page 5,"Its like I speak two languages. In my head I talk a normal kind of English, but when I chat with my friends or any of my peers I rap to them in this kind of ghetto slang". These teens are from middle and low classes, since they say their living conditions are very poor, and ghetto.

I think they are located in California. Come on. Imagery There were two types of imagery in this book. One was a simile, and the other was personification. The simile was, my world history teacher, Mr. Wardin, sounds like one of those marine sergeants in the movies who make people do three hundred million push-ups in the rain for not shining their belt buckles. The example of personification was, my throat dried up like a swimming pool with the water sucked out from page The attitude changes again, when a fight breaks out between the Latinos and Blacks.

She is a all A student and just wants to make it out of the hood. This story explains all the trials and tribulations to make it, and be successful. Conflict The two type of conflicts that appear in the book is person vs. Its no mystery that their is a stereotype about African American teenagers, either they get pregnant before they graduate high school or they just drop out.

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But before she got invited to USC,her bestfriend Cee-Saw got pregnant by a football player name Rickee and kept the baby few months later. Devon and Thresa were study buddies to get a good score on their SAT. Devon got shot later trying to take another SAT test. I would rate this book a five because it talks about how a person is struggling in high school trying to get into a good college.


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