These applications provide the tools needed to program the synth which were missing when it was in production by Yamaha. The synth was discontinued after two years, probably in part due to its complexity particularly the formant sequencing , poor front-panel controls, brief manual and limited polyphony. The FS1R synthesizer has an impressive set of new wave forms over the earlier DX line of FM synthesizers, which have since been incorporated into the new Montage line from Yamaha with the exception of the Formant wave form. The new wave forms are each constructed with a large number of inherent harmonics making FM synthesis far more efficient. Each one of these operator wave forms can replace an entire column of operators in a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer algorithm.

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This little beast is far from your average FM synthesizer. Formants are the spectral patterns making up the sounds of human speech. The downside to the FS1R is the complexity of the user interface. With a tiny LCD screen and hundreds if not thousands of menus and sub-menus, editing from the front panel is tedious and nearly impossible. Thankfully, there are now software editors available for both the Mac and PC platforms to make the process quite a bit easier though still not perfect.

It truly sounds like nothing else out there. From huge evolving pads, to shimmering EPs, fantastic organs, screaming leads and booming basses.. After an abysmal showing on the market, the FS1R was discontinued after only about one year.

These days, more people have discovered what this synth is capable of and it has seen a resurgence in popularity and has reached an almost cult-like status. It is rare to find one for sale these days, and when you do, the prices seem to be climbing. If you have a short attention span and no patience, this may not be the synth for you.

It has been used by Squarepusher and Sin.


Yamaha FS1RE2, FS1R User Manual

Tygogor If you want to go beyond the presets provided although they should be more than enough for many applicationswe urge you to go ahead and play with the parameters. Pfm Vol performance Volume In the PLAY mode they allow direct realtime control of the sound as well as parameter editing, and in the EDIT mode they can be used to directly change parameters ds1r values for fast, efficient operation. Preset Fseq List Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It can also produce instrument voices that have the response and rich pitch-dependent timbral variations. Level 1 … Level 4 Settings: Pfm Pan performance Pan Formants are mainly associated with modeling the human voice, but have other uses as well.




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