Plot[ edit ] Train station of Montauk where Joel and Clementine meet each other again after the erasing of their memories. Both had felt the need to travel to Montauk that day, and they almost immediately connect, feeling drawn to each other despite their contrasting personalities. Although Joel and Clementine do not realize it, they were in a relationship, separated after having dated for two years. Joel finds himself revisiting his memories of Clementine in reverse , starting from the downfall of their relationship.

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Random House-Knopf-Taschen is etched on the wall in large gold letters. An old woman enters carrying a tattered manuscript, maybe a thousand pages. She seems haunted, hollow-eyed, sickly. The young receptionist, dressed in a shiny, stretchy one-piece pantsuit, looks up. You never know. Please have a seat. The old woman smiles and sits, the bulky manuscript on her lap.

She stares politely straight ahead. The receptionist gestures toward a Christmas tree in the corner. Its ornaments are holograms. And only I know it.

She stops to catch her breath, then continues and passes several archway with letters printed above them. When she arrives at one topped by an LL, she slips a card in a slot.

A plastic molded chair drops into the archway. She sits in the chair; it rises. The other chairs are peopled with commuters. We stay with the woman as she and the others travel over New York City in the tube. There are hundreds of these commuter tubes crisscrossing the skyline. The woman glances at the manuscript in her lap. The other credits follow, as the old woman studies commuters in passing tubes. Their faces are variously harsh and sad and lonely and blank.

The receptionist, Mary, 25, can be seen typing in the reception area. Behind her are shelves and shelves of medical files.

The door opens and Clementine enters. Mary looks up. Clementine Kruczynski. MARY Yes, please have a seat. Clementine sits. She looks tired, maybe hungover. She picks up a magazine at random and thumbs without interest. She knocks on a closed door. Mary opens the door, peeks in. You can bring her in. She smiles and nods. Mary turns to leave. MARY turning back Yes? MARY Cole slaw, ice tea? She smiles and heads down the hall. STAN Boo. MARY Hi. STAN Barely seen you all morning, kiddo.

He leans in to kiss her. She cranes her neck to keep him off. MARY reprimanding whisper Stan STAN Sorry. I mean STAN I know. She indicates the door to the reception area. Stan nods. STAN See you later, alligator. Stan nods again and Mary opens the door to the waiting room.

After a moment, Clementine appears in the doorway. Mary leads her down the hall, not looking back. MARY professionally courteous How are you today? Mierzwiak steps out from behind his desk. Kruczynski, please come in. Clementine enters the office. Mary smiles at Mierzwiak and closes the door, leaving them alone. Mierzwiak sits across from her. He smiles. Do you mind if I turn this on? He indicates a tape recorder.

He turns it on, smiles at her, gestures for her to begin. Mierzwiak nods. My significant other And I guess on a certain level, I want to break it off, but I feel Do I end it? Should I give it more time? Relationships require work. You know the drill. That I have some completely unrealistic notion of what a relationship can be. But then I think, no, this is what I really want, so I should allow myself the freedom to go out and fucking find it.

You know? But then I think he is a good guy and I think we can help. Everything you can think of. Everything about him. Everything about you. She nods, thinks. Joel is among them. The platform across the tracks from him is empty. Suddenly he turns and makes his way through the crowd.

He climbs the stairs, crosses the overpass to the empty platform. Soon an almost empty train pulls up to that platform. Joel gets on and watches the business commuters through the dirty window as his train pulls out of the station. The wind howls around him. He tries to shield the mouthpiece as he talks.

Food poisoning, I think. He passes an old man with a metal detector. They nod at each other. Later: Joel looks out at the ocean. Later: Joel sits on a rock and pulls out a notebook. He opens it and writes with a gloved hand. JOEL January 13th, Today I skipped work and took the train out to Montauk. Nothing happens. Nothing changes. I saw Naomi last night. We had sex.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind



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