Unlike single-chip technology that delivers colour sequentially, you get full-time colour. If you are looking for business and education projectors or p home entertainment projectors, know that choosing Epson projectors means up to 3x brighter colours. Colour brightness colour light output measured in accordance with IDMS Colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Higher Brightness With brightness up to lumens selected models , the screen is easily viewed from anywhere in the classroom, even without dimming the lights. Ultra Short Throw Benefits Bigger Image The ultra-short throw allows the projector to be positioned closer to the screen for reduced shadowing.

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Error While Adding How do I replace the lamp? Before you replace the lamp, let the projector cool down for at least one hour so the lamp will not be hot.

Warning: Let the lamp fully cool before replacing it to avoid injury. You can replace the lamp while the projector is mounted on the wall or ceiling. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord. Allow the projector lamp to cool down for at least one hour.

Warning: If the lamp is broken, glass fragments may be loose inside the lamp chamber. Be careful removing any broken glass to avoid injury. If the projector is mounted on the wall or ceiling, stand to the side in case the lamp is broken. Use the screwdriver included with the replacement lamp to loosen the screw securing the lamp cover. Slide off the lamp cover. Loosen the screws securing the lamp to the projector. The screws do not come all the way out. Lift up the lamp handle and gently pull the lamp out of the projector.

Note: The lamp s in this product contain mercury. Please consult your state and local regulations regarding disposal or recycling. Do not put in the trash. Gently insert the new lamp into the projector along the guide rail. If it does not fit easily, make sure it is facing the right way. Press the handle down. Caution: Do not touch any glass on the lamp assembly to avoid premature lamp failure.

Tighten the screws to secure the lamp. Replace the lamp cover and tighten the screw to secure it. Note: Be sure the lamp cover is securely installed or the lamp will not come on.

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