Akinojar The data suggest that the Spanish version of the DEX is a useful measure for assessing general symptoms of dysexecutive syndrome, and a valid, reliable and adequate screening test for estimating cognitive impairment associated with substance abuse. The aim was to improve questionnairr of dysexecutive problems following acquired brain injury ABI. Individuals with DES will have very poor working memory and short term memory due to executive dysfunction. Patients are taught to think of specific times they went on a holiday and then to think how they may have planned these holidays. Neurobiological brain disorder Syndromes affecting the nervous system Frontal lobe.

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The DES is one of the major areas of cognitive deficit that may impede functional recovery and the ability to respond to rehabilitation programmes. BADS specifically assesses the skills and demands involved in everyday life. Rule shift cards - Tests the ability to change an established pattern of responding, using familiar materials. In part 1 a response pattern is established according to a simple rule.

In part 2 the rule is changed and subjects have to adapt their responses, inhibiting their original response set.

Action program - Tests practical problem solving. A cork has to be extracted from a tall tube, a result which can only be achieved by the planned use of various other materials provided. Key search - A test of strategy formation. In an analogue of a common problem, subjects are required to demonstrate how they would search a field for a set of lost keys and their strategy is scored according to its functionality. Zoo map - This is a test of planning. Modified six elements - This is a test of planning, task scheduling and performance monitoring.

It is a simplified version of the original Shallice Burgess test. Subjects have to schedule their time to work on six tasks over a ten minute period. Dysexecutive Questionnaire The battery includes a item Dysexecutive Questionnaire DEX that samples the range of problems in four broad areas of likely change: emotional or personality changes, motivational changes, behavioural changes and cognitive changes.

Validation Validation studies show that the BADS is sensitive to the everyday problems experienced by patients with brain injury, and a small study was conducted on people with schizophrenia to identify executive deficits in this group.

For details of training, please see Cognitive Assessment Training - Online.


Behavioural Assessment of the Dysexecutive Syndrome (BADS)


ISO 1496-4 PDF

Dysexecutive Questionnaire


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