This island chain is considered a myth to most of those on Krynn, and is the home of the good dragons. Spine of Taladas The Spine of Taladas is a coral island chain located southwest of Taladas but northeast of the undersea Watermere. The Irda island of Anaiatha was once here, but broke off during the Cataclysm. The remainder of that island is called Selasia , and is the largest island in the Spine.

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Average Rating 1 rating At last, the secrets of the dwarves revealed! The two booklets contained in this set hold information that has never before been collected in one place. The four mapsheets are invaluable aids for those who wish to campaign in these hollowed halls; modular styling allows endless variations of dwarven cities, large and small.

The Tales of the Lance set is suggested, although not required, for full enjoyment of this accessory. It was published in October The line started with the Dragonlance Chronicles and Dragonlance Legends and continued through a series of Preludes and Meetings focusing on the Companions.

Other stories introduced new Heroes , delved into the past, or both. The Legends trilogy offered the first hint that the history of Krynn could be interesting to readers. However it was The Legend of Huma , the first of the Heroes novels, that proved this sort of story could stand on its own.

That primordial history was later followed by two intriguing series that detailed the histories of two of the unique peoples of Krynn: the Elven Nations Books and the Dwarven Nations Books These new histories of Krynn were just begging to be incorporated into the roleplaying world as well.

Meanwhile, the Dragonlance roleplaying line had undergone a renaissance with the publication of Tales of the Lance But with a few overseas exceptions, Dragonlance had not yet enjoyed a geographic splatbook, and racial splat-material was limited to supplementary material in adventures. Mapping Tropes: Going Modular. Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn contains poster maps of its six dwarven cities.

Depicting huge cities in a roleplaying reference is always a trick; this supplements solves it in the same way that DL4: "Dragons of Desolation" did. Some cities include modular blocks simply marked with a letter. You just slot in the appropriate geomorph and you instantly have a detailed city. Exploring Krynn. Exploring Krynn: The Retcons. Dwarven Kingdoms had the daunting task of linking together several sources of canon. To start with, there were the original Dragonlance adventures and the hardcover Dragonlance Adventures , which together comprised the earliest lore on the dwarves.

Alongside that were the Dwarven Nations Books , which had shifted some of the dwarven migrations and also introduced some dating issues. On top of all of that Tales of the Lance had attempted to polish and revise the history of the setting including the history of the dwarves. Those who lusted after wealth became dwarves.

With these humans, Reorx retired to a northern land. The clay folk would assist Reorx in his heavy labors. Over the centuries, these humans became the short Smith folk. As with so much falsehood, this tale has its roots in the truth, but leaves those roots forgotten and forlorn in its branching imagination.

To most of Krynn, the commonly accepted origin myth for dwarves is their creation from gnomes through the power of the Graygem. About the Creators. Niles was an old-hand at Dragonlance, having written several of the original Dragonlance adventures This was his major return to the roleplaying side of the line. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon.

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Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn

Description Edit History From the back of the book: Among all the peoples of Krynn, none build such lasting structures, nor labor so diligently to create and expand their domains, as do the dwarves. From the initial dark caverns of Kal-Thax to the vast and multi-tiered metropolis of Thorbardin, these sturdy folk have delved a series of magnificent dwellings. Some of these domains have been torn into ruin by the oft-wrenching history of Krynn, while others continue to grow and flourish, reaching glories undreamed of a generation or two beforel Yet they all have their places along the River of Time, and whether ancient or modern, they each illustrate the determination nad skill of these sturdy dwarves. From the Observations of Astinus At last, the secrets of the dwarves revealed!


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