Chosen Three[ edit ] Matthew Caruso a. Score, from Manhattan, New York, Earth. His mother died when he was young, supposedly a victim of his father. When his father was arrested and jailed, he was put into state custody, but escaped.

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Chosen Three[ edit ] Matthew Caruso a. Score, from Manhattan, New York, Earth. His mother died when he was young, supposedly a victim of his father.

When his father was arrested and jailed, he was put into state custody, but escaped. Score, after travelling to Dondar, bonded with his unicorn friend, Thunder, who is both the herd leader and father of Flame and husband to Nova. His main magic ability is to change objects from one thing into another.

This easy-to-be-around joker is the best at magical fighting and the second best planner Pixel is the best. He constantly fights with Helaine but later in the series he shows romantic interest in her despite his resistance to keep his feelings in check.

Score controls an emerald , amethyst , jasper , and chrysolite. Helaine Votrin a. Renald, from Castle Votrin on Ordin Helaine is a female warrior from a medieval world. On her planet, she was a noble, but still considered "just a girl" and therefore was not allowed to live her life as she planned. So she disguised herself as a boy with the alias "Renald.

As we first see her, her father has planned to marry her off to Dathan Peveral, the imbecile son of a needed ally. After her guise as Renald was ruined by Oracle, she planned to run away. As she was leaving, the Shadows inhabited a group of soldiers sent by the border lords to kidnap her and hold her for ransom but she was rescued and brought to Treen by Rahn, a leopard Bestial.

After reaching Dondar, she bonded with Flame, her unicorn friend, and the two are very close. Flame is the daughter of Thunder and Nova, and she seems to be the only person Helaine will open up to. Her powers with the gemstones are levitation, communication, earth, and shape-shifting. Later she becomes less uptight and ends up friends with the two boys. As the series progresses she shows that she may have romantic feelings for Score Matt. At times she can be very bossy, arrogant, and uppity.

She has been trying to control those urges as she is terrified of becoming Eremin, one of the Three Who Rule and one of the ways she could grow up to be. Helaine controls a sapphire , onyx , agate , and chrysoprase. Shalar Domain a. Pixel, from Calomir.

Pixel comes from a world that is so technologically advanced, most of the population spends every moment in a virtual reality environment. People live in computer controlled houses and are served by robots. When we first come upon Pixel, we see that he has become disillusioned with the virtual world and wants to escape. He leaves his house, walking the streets. He sees that there is nothing different, every house and street is exactly the same.

Oracle meets up with him, then shows him a slave labour camp and tells him that these people make the things that he requests. Oracle leaves him, and a pack of wild dogs inhabited by the Shadows attack him. He is saved by Hakar, a Bestial golden eagle, who takes him to Treen.

Pixel has the innate ability to solve problems and figure things out. Through jewels, he also has the abilities to control fire and air, finding, and calling. Pixel has a keen mind and due to his powers, he is an excellent problem solver and planner. He has problems associated with being a hopeless romantic. He has had crushes on Helaine, Destiny, and Jenna.

Pixel controls a ruby , topaz , beryl , and jacinth. Though they ruled jointly, they could not stand each other. They were tyrannical despots who only remained together so they could keep their power. The evil of those Three is a part of the trio, who are terrified of becoming them so fight the evil inside themselves. Book 11 reveals each of the 3 as they are beginning their political ascension, byut by that point, they are already selfish, cruel adults. Traxis — A male member of the Triad.

Traxis was originally semi-willing to join Eremin and Nantor. To punish Traxis for his not being willing to give all of himself to them, they ordered him to torture the Queen of Ordin, who had stood up to them. Cathane who later took the name Shanara later recalled how Traxis enjoyed her drawn-out agony. This is revealed in the twelfth book. When compared to Nantor, he is arguably the cruelest of the three.

Eremin — The only female member of the Triad and the spirit reincarnated into Helaine. She is the most arrogant of the three. She initially comes from Treen, as revealed in book XII. Nantor — A male member of the Triad, and the essence of Pixel. In book No. He was born on Calomir years before Pixel, but moved to Treen. He prepared a deadly curse, but Pixel stopped him by reasoning that corpses will leave a trail.

Other characters[ edit ] Destiny Destiny was a servant of the Triad who betrayed them to Sarman. She had hoped they would rule the Diadem together as king and queen. But Sarman betrayed her as well, showing her treachery to the Triad. As a punishment, they used her as a test subject for the reincarnation process, sending her to Earth crippled. She used what little power she had to take over Toshiro, an electronics businessman, and used his influence to attempt to get back to where she could be powerful again.

She put a curse on Score to steal his powers, weaken him, and draw him to Earth. She pretended to help the three so that she could be free of her "prison," the wheelchair and the weak magic of Earth. When they discovered her secret, she kidnapped Pixel and took him to Zarathan, notorious world of nightmares. She died in a fall when Score, Helaine, and Pixel forced Zarathan, which was actually a giant egg, to hatch. But the wizard Jagomath finds one of the pieces of the shattered Zarathan; it augments his powers.

Oracle a. LeCora, Cleora, and Relcoa. He was first cast by the Triad to help Score, Helaine, and Pixel to get to Treen and then to give them clues. Due to the corruption of the magic, he was forced to speak only in rhymes and to not give the whole truth. After Sarman and the Triad were defeated, Score, Helaine, and Pixel recast him and his speech returns to normal because the analogue is fixed. Jagomath causes him to regain corporeal form in book twelve.

Sarman A very powerful magician who killed the Triad and took over Jewel. Once he ruled the Diadem, though, he found he could not leave Jewel without giving up his power. So he set about his plans. He created a great machine called the Analog to represent the Diadem, with jewels for each world set in a large orb.

Bound within the world-jewels were the souls of magic users from these worlds. Score, Helaine, and Pixel were the last three, and when he tried to take them, they reversed the spell, binding Sarman to the Jewel. She has a strong rivalry with Helaine and is a magic-user. Shanara Shanara is a powerful enchantress, and a very good friend of Score, Helaine and Pixel.

Although she is not as powerful as them, she does help them out often. Apparently, Shanara can replace him anytime. In Book of War, Blink worries that Shanara will get a new familiar. Jagomath Very powerful wizard with chronokinesis. Nonhuman Races[ edit ] Bestials: A race of humanoid animals native to Treen.

They possess the ability to change from humanoid form into full animals at will. Centaurs: Native to the forests and plains of Rawn. They live in nomadic tribes ruled by a dominant male.

Centaurs are expert archers and enjoy hunting. Shanara often takes the form of a female centaur to spend time with a group of the creatures she has befriended. Goblins: Also natives of Rawn, these little humanoids live in underground communities in the mountains. They are excellent gem miners and can find any gemstone simply by hearing the name.

In a fight, goblins attack en masse, using sheer weight of numbers to drive off enemies because they are terrible fighters. Trolls: Yet another race of nonhuman beings native to Rawn, trolls are tall, heavily muscled humanoids who live in tribes in the caves of the lower foothills. Despite their size, trolls are normally peaceful creatures who prefer to spend their days lazing about in their villages, using the cover of night to hunt.

Unicorns: Horselike beings native to Dondar. Score and the group befriended a herd of Unicorns led by a black stallion named Thunder. Unicorns can communicate telepathically and their horns possess the power to negate magic.


Book of Names

May I have a picture of you to post on my "John Peel Biography" page? What inspired you to write the Diadem series? He said he wanted it to be like the computer game "Myst", where bits are revealed at a time. So I went off and created what I thought would be interesting. The idea for the Diadem itself was because too many series run out of steam very quickly and just repeat themselves. I wanted a setting where I could avoid doing that. So I came up with the idea of linked worlds.


Diadem (series)

Tojakora I still have the set, but if I read them now they seem pretty juvenile which they are. John Peel is the author of Doctor Who books and comic strips. Not really all that much to say about this book. If not, makes for one hell of a marketing project! Score, Pixel, and Helaine took me through viadem world and theirs and prepared me for reality before i got there. Here they discover they possess magical abilities that need to be trained. A friend suggested that I read this series and after the first book I am excited to see where the series goes.

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