El presente texto congrega 99 de opciones para expresar una idea o composicin. Es digno de tener en cuenta, ya que, en numerosas ocasiones, no somos conscientes de lo rica que es nuestra Lengua. Adems, aunque pueda parecer repetitivo, la estructura y nivel de creatividad que lo caracteriza permiten mantener viva la curiosidad. Se consigue as un conjunto homogneo, pero muy heterogneo a su vez. Sobra decir que en el ejercicio del periodismo es necesario un nivel de lengua alto y un amplio abanico lxico, pero tambin has de adaptarte a la jerga y circunstancias que rodean el mensaje a transmitir.

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Money is also called cash or currency. It is used for the exchange of things. For example: one brought a bag of rice to the market in exchange for a cow or one took a duck or a chicken to the market in exchange for rice or salt, etc. Or there was a very poor person who wanted to sell their house for a capital to start up his business. He then looked for one who wanted to buy his house, and as a return, he would have a piece of land, a cart or some rice.

So, if one day a person brought his vegetables to the market and the market had a shortage of vegetables, the result would be that his vegetables became worthy and could exchange for a chicken and if otherwise, it could only exchange for an egg. Or someone went to the woods for wood. He then brought his wood to the market in exchange for something. He looked for a person who needed his wood and had the thing he was looking for.

Clearly, looking for a person who needs what you have and has what you need takes so much time. One day, there was a man who made a very beautiful knife and another man passed by and suggested, "You make a knife for me like yours. I will give you my fox or bear.

Gradually, the jobs became specialized. Some people only focus on making hoes, some planting rice and some hunting… They then directly exchanged their things with others. However, this direct exchange wasted time. Therefore, little by little people thought about intermediate things to exchange things for convenience.

In the beginning, there were many metals that took the role of money; later they were valuable metals and the last was gold. Men used melted gold to make coins and use it in exchange for goods. The advantages of gold money are homogeneity and durability. Moreover, it was also a high valuable commodity so all people accept to use it to assess their things.

At that time, human reached a higher level of civilization. People took gold money as an intermediate thing in exchange goods. Researchers discovered that people also used beautiful shells as a mean of exchanging things in Africa in ancient time. People also realized that it was not essential to use a valuable thing like gold money for exchanging. Today, a man, even a child, does not wonder why a sheet of paper with a picture, a signature and a series number on it can buy many things they need.

However, in ancient time, it is totally different. They thought that how come a sheet of paper bought a cart full of rice, or paid a medical doctor for his drugs or paid for a person who had been working for them in a year? So, it was very hard for paper money to be accepted at that time. However, nowadays, people have no wonder for it.

So, clearly, paper money is a big step in advancement of society in law, compliance and state organization. Regretfully, this reform of King Ho was too strange, too fast and furious and beyond all people. Now we talked about the true and moral aspects of money.

When a sheet of paper is approved by administrators and the society to use in sale and purchase, we can buy things with it. A material is a special commodity that we can see and touch, for example, clothes, rice, houses, vehicle, and jewelry, machines, media, lamps, fans, paint and photos, etc. We can buy all those things with money. Money is also a material and materials can be bought by materials. The second thing we can use money to buy is services.

For instance, we can buy cutting or curling hair service. That means we go to the hair salon, give money to the owner and he will make any hair model for us. He can dye our hair, curl it, straight it, or even shave it. So we can use money to buy hair service. Another service is health service. That means when you are ill, you visit a doctor for an examination.

That service we can use money to buy. We can also buy a so-called "consulting service". When we want to build a house, we go to a place specialized in design and require them to design a construction drawing for our house. Of course, we must pay money for this service. This is also called a consulting service. People who like this service must have plenty of free time or are sad about something.

One day, he got sick and a doctor examined and told him his sickness at that time the sickness was just in incubation and would happen later. The doctor also predicted, "You will become a monk and a composer in the future". The child was so much surprised at that news because he knew nothing about Buddhism, so how come he would be a monk?

However, the prediction came true. The child became a monk and also composes many songs about Buddhism. There is a very popular service and most of us know it. That is educational service. We take our children to school to receive the education and we must pay for it. Thus, all kind of commodities from materials and essential services can be bought by money. Because of this, people conclude, "Money talks", or, "So much money can break the law". That means money can buy anything and even the conscience of lawmakers.

Money can make lawmakers wriggle, support the bad and bully the good. Money is so powerful. Thus, people put it on top of everything and they conclude: "Money talks.

However, when he got out of his village, he turned into a different man — he was a thief with a lot of knives and guns. Until he got out of his village, he revealed his nature being as a thief who caused a lot of cases. However, when he returned to his village, he continued playing nice. A long time later, he was discovered and arrested by the police, but very difficultly.

You see, people dare to do whatever to make money even it is against human morality or the law as they think having money is having everything. No nice clothes, no cars, no houses and more importantly, they are disrespected. They realize that they are put down because of their poverty while the rich is treated completely different.

Thus, they decide to make money at all costs. So, they make a decision to earn money sink or swim. People see money can buy a fan, a TV, a CD player, fashionable clothes, etc. For example: money can buy medicine and services at hospital but not health. They will examine and take care of us but our being healthy is another story. In this world, there were many billionaires who died in misery while with their wealth, they could by any kinds of medicine, even a hospital to only serve them.

However, they had to die from a disease. So, money can buy medicine and health service but not health. What make us healthy physically and mentally is our blessing created in our previous lives. Thanks to this blessing, we are full of energy, eat and sleep well and can stand many difficult situations. If you do not have blessing created in the past, no matter how much money you have, you cannot enjoy a great sleep, a delicious meal, a tireless jogging because these things cannot be bought by money.

Money can buy an entertainment but not happiness. For example: children can spend tens of thousands VND to play a computer game, or someone can spend their money for dancing in a bar, slobbering, gambling or going picnic… However, these things cannot help us have happiness because after that computer game, the children are tormented and suffer from what is happening in the game and even worse, they can kill people because of his losing in game.

Are drinkers who cheer loudly and passionately happy? They treat their wives and children very badly, making them very miserable and they themselves lose their value.

That means one can use his money to buy an entertainment and this will help them be funny for a moment but make them commit sin and suffer forever. Happiness is absolutely different. Happiness is something invisible and untouchable. Happiness can only be achieved by a good manner, a good philosophy of life, a calm soul, and a heart full of love.

That is, even we have money but we do not have morality, we will not be able to have happiness. You can be proud of yourselves and live a comfortable life but make no mistake about it that you are happy. So, how can we know if we are happy or not?

Let assess our inner feelings to know if we are happy. If you feel peaceful when the wind shakes leaves; if you love the kids who are happily having a shower in the rain or in the morning, you feel how lovely it is when the light goes through the leaves, the birds sing joyfully all over a garden… That means if you can nd happiness from very simple things, you reach the Dharma in some way.

That kind of happiness cannot be bought by money because it can only be achieved by spiritual practitioners and those who have ethics because of their pure and calm mind. Once you have a pure and calm mind, adversities and misery in this life will not be able to cause you any troubles and you will always feel happy all the times and all the places.

Even when someone misunderstands and scolds you, you do not feel sad but still happy. Is it strange?

Those who can reach that level cannot be suffered by any ways and they can find happiness in every aspect of this life and all Buddhists should be like that.







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