Currently living in Springfield, Illinois, Dee Henderson is a lifelong inhabitant of the state of Illinois. Born and raised in the house of a pastor, Dee is a staunch Christian and that is also one of the main reasons why most of her works have been written while observing Christian values. After completing her high school education, Dee Henderson joined the University of Illinois. Upon completing her university education, Dee Henderson began working as an engineer. Apart from being a fully trained engineer and author, Dee Henderson is also passionate about politics, church planting, space, camping, Cardinals and cubs and the Old westerners. Ever since she started her full time job as an author, Dee Henderson has written more than 14 novels and series which include, The Valor, The negotiator, Devotion, the Protector, The Rescue, The healer and many others.

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Very good one! Stephen is running away. Away from the sorrow that haunts him daily after his sister Jennifer died. He needs to get away from Chicago and find peace.

But Meghan, the woman he loves back in Illinois, is a Christian who will be his friend and nothing more. The friendship between them is strong and deep because she truly loves him. During one intimate discussion she actually tells him his lack of decision for Christ will separate them for eternity, which saddens her heart.

Meghan was a nurse, and a good one, and a childhood friend from the neighborhood of the orphanage in which he lived, along with all his brothers and sisters. One dark night a car accident leaves Meghan blind. After he returns to Illinois to stay, he buys a farm in the same small town that Meghan has come to love since her accident, the home of her parents.

But something strange keeps popping up there, and a mystery rears an ugly head. A mystery that is decades old and is now getting dangerous. I liked this story. I wish, though, that Jesus had been portrayed as a Savior rather than just a friend.

In fact, the word savior was never mentioned in the book. We accept him as our Savior. I mean, the reason for his death was not to be our friend. He could have been our friend without the Cross. No that Cross had a deeper significance, one that meant the difference between life forever with Him, or an eternity lost. Christ needed to go to the Cross as a payment; as a sacrifice for our sin, not merely to be our friend. But it was a nice end to a very good series.

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