If a provision contravenes with an applicable law, it must be interpreted, if necessary, in order to make it in conformity with the applicable law or, in the way most likely to respect the intention of the parties without derogating from the regulations of the applicable laws to which the parties do not wish to contravene. When the contract contains a prohibited provision, all the other provisions of the contract remain in force and continue to bind the parties unless the provision which derogates from the applicable laws unless the provision is with the correct operation of the contract. Considerations a The options chosen by the Customer and their specific payment options are indicated on this agreement, which forms integral part of present. The customer is also entirely responsible for the independent backup of data stored on ClicNet Telecommunications Inc. ClicNet Telecommunications Inc.

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It is your decision to take it and agree with our terms. Make sure you are the business owner or main administrator. You will be the default master administrator of the ClickNET account created by you. A super administrator of a ClickNET account may designate users as administrators for such ClickNET account or revoke the administrator privileges of any user. There must always be a primary contact and only one primary contact for ClickNET account who should also be the super administrator.

By default, the super administrator is the primary contact. A super administrator may designate any other administrator to become the new super administrator and be the primary contact. All communications in respect of a ClickNET account will be sent to the primary contact. ClickNET may prescribe usage limits based on the subscription plan chosen by You. You must make sure that Your usage is within the usage limits prescribed by ClickNET in order to avail uninterrupted service.

You understand that ClickNET may restrict an activity if You reach the usage limit corresponding to such activity. If it is an important change, we will inform you with 30 days in advance. You can opt to continue or stop your service. You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. We may amend these Terms at any time by posting a revised version on our website.

The revised version will be effective at the time we post it. This is an important document which you must consider carefully when choosing whether to use the ClickNET Services. ClickNET reserves all other rights in the Services. Until termination of this Agreement and as long as you meet any applicable payment obligations and comply with this Agreement, ClickNET, grants to you a personal, limited, nonexclusive, non-transferable right and license to use the Services.

You agree you will not: Provide access to or give any part of the Services to any third party. Reproduce, modify, copy, deconstruct, sell, trade or resell the Services. Make the Services available on any file-sharing or application hosting service. We will automatically renew your service unless you cancel. Make sure to update your payment details to avoid service interruptions.

For Services offered on a payment or subscription basis, the following terms apply, unless ClickNET notifies you otherwise in writing. This Agreement also incorporates by reference and includes program ordering and payment terms provided to you on the website for the Services Payments will be billed to you in PKR or in the currency offered to You by ClickNET, and your account will be debited when you subscribe and provide your payment information, unless stated otherwise in the program ordering or payment terms on the website for the Services.

If your payment and registration information is not accurate, current, and complete and you do not notify us promptly when such information changes, we may suspend or terminate your account and refuse any use of the Services. Additional cancellation or renewal terms may be provided to you on the website for the Services. Use of these Services may be available through a compatible mobile device, Internet access and may require software.

You agree that you are solely responsible for these requirements, including any applicable changes, updates and fees as well as the terms of your agreement with your mobile device and telecommunications provider. We will never sell or share your information that identifies you Your Credit card will never be stored by us You can view ClickNET Privacy Statement provided with the Services and on the website for the Services.

You also give ClickNET permission to aggregate your non-personally identifiable data which you enter or upload with that of other users of the Services. For example, this means that ClickNET may use that aggregated data to improve services, design promotions, or provide ways for you to compare business practices with other users. ClickNET is a global company and you agree that ClickNET may access or store personal information in, and transfer it to, multiple countries.

You acknowledge and agree that in order to provide you with access to and use of the Software and Services, ClickNET may provide your Access Information and Account Data to i your employee who is identified in the Registration Data as the current system super administrator for your account the "Super Administrator" , ii such other employee who may be designated by you as a replacement Super Administrator for the your account by following the procedures required by to effectuate such replacement.

This includes all reports, client information, quotes, invoices, and receipts created. You can do so by downloading available documents on presented formats; PDF or Excel. We cannot provide a custom database. If this is not your case we encourage you to find other alternative 5.

You are responsible for all materials "Content" uploaded, posted or stored through your use of the Services. Archive your Content frequently. You are responsible for any lost or unrecoverable Content.

You must provide all required and appropriate warnings, information and disclosures. Any content you post, such as pictures, information, opinions, or any Personal Information that you make available to other participants on these social platforms, is subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of those platforms.

Please refer to those social media platforms to better understand your rights and obligations with regard to such content. Do not reveal information that you do not want to make public. Users may post hypertext links to content of third parties for which ClickNET is not responsible.

You agree that ClickNET may use your feedback, suggestions, or ideas in any way, including in future modifications of the Services, other products or services, advertising or marketing materials. You grant ClickNET a perpetual, worldwide, fully transferable, sub-licensable, non-revocable, fully paid-up, royalty free license to use the feedback you provide to ClickNET in any way. ClickNET may, but has no obligation to, monitor content on the Services.

We may disclose any information necessary to satisfy our legal obligations, protect ClickNET or its customers, or operate the Services properly. ClickNET, in its sole discretion, may refuse to post, remove, or refuse to remove, any Content, in whole or in part, alleged to be unacceptable, undesirable, inappropriate, or in violation of this Agreement.

We can only show you how to use ClickNET. We will communicate via email from time to time with news and promotions. You can opt-out and we will respect that; but by law some important emails will be sent to you Example: New terms and conditions. Please keep your password secure and private. Change it periodically. You can be randomly selected to participate on new BETA features.

Unless specifically included with the Services, ClickNET is not in the business of providing legal, financial, accounting, tax, health care, real estate or other professional services or advice. Consult the services of a competent professional when you need this type of assistance. Additional terms and conditions and fees may apply.

With some ClickNET Services you may upload or enter data from your account s such as names, addresses and phone numbers, purchases, etc. You grant ClickNET permission to combine your business data, if any, with that of others in a way that does not identify you or any individual personally.

You also grant ClickNET permission to share or publish summary results relating to research data and to distribute or license such data to third parties. You agree that ClickNET may send these communications to you via email or by posting them on our websites 6.

You are responsible for securely managing your password s for the Services and to contact ClickNET if you become aware of any unauthorized access to your account. The Services may periodically be updated with tools, utilities, improvements, third party applications, or general updates to improve the Services. You agree to receive these updates. You may decide to participate on the BETA group or not. You may use the Beta Features only if you accept all terms and conditions in this Agreement.

If you do not accept all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, then ClickNET is unwilling to permit you to use the Beta Features service. Subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions of the BETA Features and the acceptance of your subscription request, ClickNET grants you the right to use the Beta Features, only for testing and evaluation purposes and not for commercial purposes. ClickNET reserves the right to establish limits on use of the Beta Features at any time, in its sole discretion.

ClickNET owns all right, title, and interest in and to the Beta Features, including all intellectual property rights therein. You will not acquire any rights or licenses in the Beta Features or in any ClickNET intellectual property rights on accounts of this Agreement or your performance of this Agreement.

These Beta Features will remain in effect until terminated. You may terminate the use of the features at any time by notifying ClickNET that you no longer desire to use the Beta Features. This Agreement will automatically terminate without notice if you breach any term of this Agreement. ClickNET reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defence and control of any Claims.

ClickNET may, from time to time, perform maintenance upon the Software or Services resulting in interrupted service, delays or errors in the Software or Services. ClickNET will attempt to provide prior notice of scheduled maintenance but cannot guarantee that such notice will be provided. ClickNET reserves the right to use a third party to host the Services. CHANGES We can change this agreement at any time We reserve the right to change this Agreement at any time, and the changes will be effective when posted through the Services, on our website for the Services or when we notify you by other means.

We may also change or discontinue the Services, in whole or in part. Your continued use of the Services indicates your agreement to the changes. Upon termination you must immediately stop using the Services and any outstanding payments will become due. ClickNET may terminate a free account at any time. Sections 1. The agreement can be transferred to another person or entity only if such license has not been activated. Once validated, and a company is created, the Software will not work by another entity.

If you registered for a trial use of the Services "Trial Period" , you must decide to purchase the Services within the Trial Period in order to retain any Content defined in Section 5 that you have posted or uploaded during the Trial Period. If you do not purchase the Services or products by the end of the Trial Period, your Content will no longer be available to you.

You agree that you will comply with these laws and regulations, and will not export or re-export any part of the Services, in violation of these laws and regulations, directly or indirectly.

If any court of law, having the jurisdiction, rules that any part of this Agreement is invalid, that section will be removed without affecting the remainder of the Agreement.

The remaining terms will be valid and enforceable. You cannot assign or transfer ownership of this Agreement to anyone without written approval of ClickNET. However, ClickNET may assign or transfer it without your consent to a an affiliate, b a company through a sale of assets by ClickNET or c a successor by merger. Any assignment in violation of this Section shall be void.

In the event of a dispute, the parties confirm that they have requested that this Agreement and all related documents be drafted in English.


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