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It can easily be connected to any gas boiler or air conditioning device that has a double wire connector for a room thermostat, regardless of whether it has a 24 V or V control circuit. Page 3 The effective range of the transmitter incorporated in the thermostat is approximately 50 m in open terrain. This distance may become considerably shorter within a building, especially when a metal structure or a reinforced concrete wall stands in the way of radio waves.

Page 4: Location Of The Device 1. It is reasonable to locate it in a room used regularly or for many hours per day so that it is in the direction of natural ventilation in the room but protected from drought or extreme heat e. Page 5 2. At this time only the serial number of the day will flash on the display of the thermostat and the hour and minute values can be seen.

After approximately 10 seconds settings are automatically acknowledged and the device goes back to the main screen. To prevent the pump from sticking, the activated pump protection function switches on the boiler for a one minute period at p.

Page 7 Temperature time 3. At this point the device gets into programming mode and the numbers indicating the days of the week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 are flashing on the display. At this point the next programming step should be performed, i. As in the previous steps, the time value to be set will flash on the display.

Page 10 The cost-effective and standard temperature values assigned to buttons.. Page Turning On The Background Light time set for temperature modification has expired to interrupt the temperature modification and return the device to operating according the program. ATTeNTION: Do not install the receiver unit under the housing of the boiler because it may shield radio signals and compromise wireless radio-frequency connection.

Page 13 The length of the wire is of no significance, the receiver unit may be installed either near the boiler or far away from it. If the distance between the transmitter and receiver units is too large due to local circumstances and it makes the wireless radio-frequency connection unreliable, install the receiver unit nearer to the place of thermostat.

Page 14 7.


Computherm Q7 RF Operating Instructions Manual



Computherm Q7 RF Operating Instructions Manual


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