Slow Cities Popular Cittaslow Towns Cittaslow is an international network of cities where living is good and easy in the world. Turkey is an official member of the international cittaslow movement and slow city tourism with its 17 lovely towns. The most popular towns are Seferihisar, Gokceada, Akyaka, Halfeti, and Tarakli, offer you a chance to relax in a peaceful atmosphere discovering the historical places. The town is surrounded by the historical treasures and green nature. Seferihisar makes you feel the Aegean spirit closer. With its unusual geography and culture, the area is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination.

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The district center of Seferihisar, spreading over eight officially delimited quarters, accounts for roughly half of the total district of population estimated as being slightly over forty thousand As such, it is one of the smaller districts of İzmir Province and the inward immigration level is rather low at only 0.

Five small dams are built on these streams and their affluents for agricultural irrigation purposes and there are also two artificial lakes built for the same objective. Other notable agricultural products include olives and vegetables, with viniculture and production of flowers grown under greenhouse conditions becoming increasingly important in recent years. Nine companies are registered exporters. There are 12 companies with foreign capital operating in Seferihisar district and among these one, corresponding to a capital of about 5 million US Dollars, was constituted in the last decade.

There are four banks providing services through four branches in Seferihisar. The total number of residences in Seferihisar district is 12,, the part occupied by secondary residences owned by seasonal inhabitants starting to correspond to a significant share in this number. The literacy rate nears hundred per cent and the number of students per teacher is quite comfortable at As a basic indicator of health services, there is one doctor for 1, patients.

The yearly income level per inhabitant was calculated at 2, US Dollars in , well below the national and provincial average. Near the southern boundary of the district is Lebedos , the smallest of the twelve original Ionian settlements along the Anatolian coastline. Although it is known to have engaged in maritime commerce, was famous for its mineral springs and a member of the Ionian League , the peninsular settlement of Lebedos suffered from the limited space of its hinterland and a comparatively unsuitable port.

It has not been excavated and the visible ruins are scanty. The other settlement, at the edge of a promontory between Teos and Lebedos, referred to by Hecataeus of Miletus BC as a "city" and by Artemidorus of Ephesus BC as merely a "place" is Myonnesos. The best definition for ancient times must have corresponded to that of a small town, advantaged by a peninsula with a 60 m cliff which was very difficult to access and easy to defend. Ottoman records refer to the present-day center town alternatively as "Seferihisar" or "Sivrihisar", sometimes leading to confusion with another town in Central Anatolia still named Sivrihisar , and which itself was nevertheless recorded from time to time as "Seferihisar".

The municipal administration was instituted in and by the time of the fall of the Empire, the kaza of Seferihisar counted roughly twenty thousand people, in which about half or slightly less, according to varying sources, were Greeks , mostly recent immigrants from the islands or other areas of Asia Minor. Odeon of the ancient city of Teos near Seferihisar Wikimedia Commons has media related to Seferihisar.

On 8 December , the sea route from Seferihisar to Chios was the scene of the single largest maritime incident in terms of loss of lives and involving migrants in the Aegean Sea with the tragic occurrence of December Seferihisar, Turkey migrant boat disaster.

In December , Seferihisar became the first Turkish town named a member of the Cittaslow movement.



The town is surrounded by the historical treasures and green nature. Seferihisar makes you feel the Aegean spirit closer. Seferihisar Seferihisar is the first slow city of Turkey, is within the borders of Izmir in the Aegean region of Turkey. The oldest settlement in Seferihisar district is Teos, the city of Carians, and known to be founded in BC by the Cretans, who were fleeing from the Achaeans.


Slow Cities in Turkey


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Slow City Seferihisar


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