He began his formal education at the Barmen Gymnasium. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Considering that Carnap was interested in pure mathematics, natural sciences and philosophy, his dissertation can be seen as an attempt to build a bridge between the different disciplines that are geometry, physics and philosophy. In other words, these pseudo-problems concern statements that do not, in any way, have empirical implications. There are also pseudo-statements that consist of meaningful words.

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Documents that contain financial, medical, and personal information are restricted. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved May 16, Carnap taught himself Esperanto when he elimlnation 14 years of age, and remained sympathetic to it Carnap Carnap divides all propositions having a meaning into three classes: That implies that formal languages are constructed and that everyone is free to choose the language it finds more suited to his purpose.

In other words, Carnap believes that every logical language is correct only if this language is supported by exact definitions and not metapuysics philosophical presumptions. Richard Creath — — In Pierre Wagner ed. Photographs are also part of the collection and were taken throughout his life. He had earlier refused an offer of a similar job at the University of Californiabecause accepting that position required that he sign a loyalty oatha practice to which he was opposed on principle.

It is a constructive undertaking that systematizes scientific knowledge according to the notions of symbolic logic. Indeed, he requires, as a precondition of meaningfulness, that all sentences be verifiable, what implies that a sentence is meaningful only if there is a way to verify if it is true or false.

After having considered problems in semantics, i. In contrast, the probability of a statement about the degree of confirmation could be unknown, in the sense that one may miss the correct logical method to evaluate its exact value. Oxford University Press, p.

In metaphysic words, theses sentences are meaningless. Carnap then attended the University of Jenawhere he wrote a thesis defining an axiomatic theory of space and time.

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The construction of sentence 1 is simply based on the mistake of employing the word "nothing" as a noun, because it is customary in ordinary language to use it in this form in order to construct a negative existential statement see IIA. In a correct language, on the other hand, it is not a particular name, but a certain logical form of the sentence that serves this purpose see IIIA. Sentence IIB2 adds something new, viz. We pointed out before that the meaningless words of metaphysics usually owe their origin to the fact that a meaningful word is deprived of its meaning through its metaphorical use in metaphysics.


On Carnap's Elimination of Metaphysics

Clearly, the probability of a statement about relative frequency can be unknown; because it depends on the observation of certain phenomena, one may not possess the information needed to establish the value of that probability. Thus it is necessary to build an metahysics logic; that is, a logic which studies the logical relations between statements and evidence. But this proved to be inadequate. Carnap then proceeded to define some kinds of statements: The relations are different conditions under which a sentence can be said to follow, or to be the consequence, of another sentence. According to him, philosophy should not aim at producing any knowledge transcending the knowledge of science.



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