Keanu Reeves, fotografiat recent pe unul dintre motoarele produse chiar de compania sa Keanu Reeves este un pasionat al motoarelor, actorul a fost fotografiat luni pe una dintre motocicletele sale, in Beverly Hills. Motivul adevarat pentru care Chris Hemsworth a ales sa locuiasca in Australia, si nu la Hollywood Chris Hemsworth si sotia sa, Elsa Pataky, au ales sa locuiasca in Australia, impreuna cu cei trei copii ai lor — India, 7 ani, si gemenii The Batman, cu Robert Pattinson, are data noua de lansare. Fanii mai au, asadar, ceva de asteptat pentru a-l vedea pe Robert Pattinson in costumul lui Batman. Eminem a dezvaluit motivul pentru care si-a facut aparitia la gala Oscar !

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Start your review of Atlasul norilor Write a review Shelves: favourite-books This book proves David Mitchell can be any writer he chooses. The six novellas that comprise Cloud Atlas are forgeries - and they are original. Each adopts the voice of a distinct author.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but all of the parts are superb. It is a sextet, like the one found within the novel, with piano, clarinet, cello, flute, oboe, and violin - every individual instrument pleasing, but when played altogether becomes something different and brilliant - the Cloud This book proves David Mitchell can be any writer he chooses. It is a sextet, like the one found within the novel, with piano, clarinet, cello, flute, oboe, and violin - every individual instrument pleasing, but when played altogether becomes something different and brilliant - the Cloud Atlas Sextet.

Each novella is broken, torn in two, or interrupted, and later continued after the sixth, which is the only one completed in one section. Then the previous five stories are concluded in descending order. It has the serious tone and charm of 18th and 19th century literature, but goes a bit too far, just short of mockery. It is not parody, nor disrespectful. Somehow it has a layer of - what? This part of the story is interesting, and adds historical details essential to the plot in the way Moby Dick does with whaling information.

Moriori, , survivors of the Maori invasion 2. Robert Frobisher, writes amusing accounts of his escapades in Belgium to his lover Rufus Sixsmith while he works for a famous composer as an amanuensis. I pictured Frobisher to be like a young Hugh Laurie. There is something of Waugh, or Nancy Mitford in style and humour. He finds the Adam Ewing journal.

The character Vyvyan Ayrs quotes Nietzsche more freely than he admits. He helped Delius realise a number of works that would not otherwise have been forthcoming In , hearing that Delius had become virtually helpless because of blindness and paralysis due to syphilis, he offered to serve him as an amanuensis.

Cheesy style and plot: spunky girl reporter, whose father Lester Rey, now dead had been a cop fighting corruption. Several highly improbable escapes from certain death. Rufus Sixsmith, the addressee in the previous episode, is a key character and his letters from Zedelghem are discovered after he is murdered.

Lester del Rey 4. The clone Sonmi becomes the first stable, ascended fabricant, i. Some plot elements of Bladerunner. Sonmi later watches the film "disneys" The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish, "one of the greatest movies ever made by any director, from any age. Somni is Winston Smith - and she is Jesus. Doona Bae as Sonmi 6.

They have a Prime Directive - but who ever follows those? I asked. The stories are connected by certain reoccurring themes and events. Masters and Slaves. The Number Twelve, Seven. Worms, Snakes, Ants, Souls.

Corporate Society. Harry Harrison. And more. One Novella is slyly presented within another. I found myself clinging to the first narrative as the "real" one. When it turns up as "a curious dismembered volume" in the second, damn! I swallowed hard and justified such an appearance as quite possible. Then it is merely mentioned in a manuscript - the third novella - which is being read in the fourth.

Got that? The fact is, you want each of these narratives to be the real one. They are that good. It becomes very awkward, like explaining a time travel paradox.


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Clarke Award Romanul Atlasul norilor traseaza o harta la scara mare a pasiunilor omenesti, survolate intr-un periplu halucinant, care porneste din Pacificul de Sud, aflat sub spectrul colonizarii in secolul al XIX-lea, si ajunge in viitorul postapocaliptic. Sase povestitori secreta tot atatea universuri despartite de timp si spatiu, insa nu etanse, pentru ca le leaga noduri vitale. Un notar american care exploreaza insulele proaspat colonizate din Marile Sudului; un muzician care incearca sa-si inspire maestrul in scopuri nu tocmai nobile; o jurnalista care salveaza lumea de la dezastru nuclear; un editor care descopera un bestseller periculos; o clona creata in sistemul sclavagismului modern -- toti acesti povestitori savurosi creeaza cercuri narative in jurul dramaticei istorii orale a unei insule postapocaliptice. Planurile se intretaie in puncte nevralgice care sunt de fapt marile teme ale romanului: vointa de putere, canibalismul civilizatiei, felul in care trecutul e mereu rescris de catre cei care stapanesc prezentul. Dens, dar translucid, grav, dar colorat, Atlasul norilor exploreaza violenta mai multor lumi care o alcatuiesc pe-a noastra, pornind de la ideea ca "orice credinta e un camp de batalie". Byatt "Stim ca istoria se repeta si din tragedie devine farsa. In Atlasul norilor, David Mitchell o trece, in plus, prin filtrul thriller-ului, al utopiei negre, al cosmarului Hobbes-ian.

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