Saw it on a list on Reddit, and it had been coming up in conversation every now and then. I watched it, and loved it. The best part? None of it was even made up. It has the same people. But a different story.

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Sreedhar is unapologetic in his approach to the events that shaped his life. Those were the times when Bangalore was known as a pensioners paradise. Jayaraj, Kotwal , Koli fayaz were ruthless thugs who controlled different parts of Bangalore.

They were names we discussed at street corners. As you read the book, stories of gang wars, con jobs, murder plans and colorful characters with weird names come alive and you are left wondering how Agni Sreedhar survived the tumultuous ride.

Sreedhar writes it in such a calm demeanor as though killing comes natural to him. The book touches upon Political-Goonda establishment. Ex chief ministers of Karnataka have always nurtured henchmen to do their dirty work.

These men have later made politics their natural extension and the effect is there to see today. There is also detailed insight into the Police department and their functioning. As I put the book, I feel sad for the people who are drawn into a world of crime.

They have to watch their back until the end. There are many reasons why I picked it up for reading: one, it was about the underworld of the city, Bangalore, where I live; a search about the author showed that this book won him Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award and he had written screen play for the film based on the book with noted playwright Girish Karnad; and three, I think most ordinary law-abiding citizens find the world of gangsters, crime and scams fascinating and I am no exception!

He establishes his intellectual credentials pretty much in the first page itself. His life of crime law breaking is initially inspired by Marxist philosophy and Che Guevara; one thing leads to another and he gets deeply embedded in the murky world of criminals and dons. Apart from a ring side view of the life of criminals — big and small, Sreedhar offers interesting and insightful observations of the underworld.

He draws masterful pen pictures of his associates, police officers and others. The police play up to politicians because they can be used during transfers. The underworld controls the police through politicians and the politicians control the underworld through the police! He makes an interesting comment on the difference between the Bangalore and Bombay criminals. Killing is a business there in Bombay.

Although written in a simple language and narration is engaging, reader might find keeping track of many characters and their inter-relationships a challenge. Sreedhar either has a phenomenal memory or he has kept a diary for he narrates many of the episodes verbatim with full complement of people who participated in the discussion or the clash.

Also he relates the events in chronological order, which makes it a little tedious. One thing missing from the narration is zero details of his personal life. The criminals of the underworld no doubt inhabit a parallel universe with which ordinary folk like you and me do not come in contact in the normal course of our lives.


Agni Shridhar

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Agni Sridhar is back


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