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Preventive Which of the following is used to highlight trends, benchmarks, or safety conditions relating to maintenance equipment, personnel, training, or processes? Maintenance group commander Which maintenance capability category is performed at backshop level and consists of off-equipment maintenance?

Intermediate All requests for depot level assistance must be coordinated through c. Quality Assurance, and Plans, Scheduling, and Documentation What do you call wing-level maintenance facilities providing intermediate-level maintenance repair support for multiple Air Force units within a particular theatre of operations? Centalized Repair Facilities What program promotes identifying and correcting system deficiencies before they affect comabt capability?

Reliability and Maintainability Which category of Deficiency Report should you submit if the equipment has a deficiency that if uncorrected, may cause major loss or damage to equipment and no workaround is known? Quality Assurance Which of the following is used to assign responsibilities, direct actions, and prescribe procedures within a subordinate function?

Operating instructions When Operating Instructions OI apply to multiple groups, they should be published as a. Job Data Documentation Who guides the overall Data Integrity Team process and ensures the data provided to maintenance managers and supervision is meaningful and factual? A 5-level What provides a measurement of unit performance and capability? Metrics What are the two most common types of pimary maintenance metric indicators?

Leading Which primary maintenance metric indicator shows and follows firmly established trends? Lagging Which maintenance repair priority is designated only for aircraft that are on alert status or aircraft that are supporting the war plan or national emergency missions?

Wing vice-commander Who is responsible for standardizing maintenance discipline procedures, organizational structures, compliance, and management philosophy? MXG deputy commander Who oversees the management of maintenance facilities and aircraft support equipment procurement and maintenance? Squadron commanders.


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