Designed, cast and machined in the USA. All of these fasteners make it tricky to assemble the joint without some frustration or extra tools. Benchmaking Hardware Package consisting of 4 barrel nuts and 2 end cap barrel nuts The set of 4 zinc-plated steel Barrel Nuts are over 2 inch 50 mm long and are slightly undersized 25 mm to fit easily in a 1 inch Once you feel the bolt threading into the Barrel Nut, finish tightening the joint with a socket wrench. Bolts and washers are black finish. Both sets made in America from zinc plated steel.

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From the very outset we designed our vises not to a price point, but to a standard of design and function first, then we looked hard at how to make these things relatively affordable. There was a whiff of this in the air when we debuted our M series handwheels, and when we went to double lead screws and added two knobs to the Glide Leg Vise. We kept things under control by offering our C series vises, with simpler materials and finish, but equal function. Metal prices have gone up. Labor prices have gone up.

Every few months our costs go up. The price of materials changes. Labor prices increase. What do we do? We eat it, and have been for 7 years. In hindsight, what was done with a pure intent turns out to be a pretty bad way of doing business. Hopefully we can learn our lesson and gradually increase prices, when necessary, instead of making big increases less frequently.

Over the course of , you will see some of our prices go up. Some might not. Vise Knobs Somewhat related to the topic of pricing is the material we make our vise knobs from. In the beginning we turned our own knobs in house the person writing this is the "we" from cocobolo. I could only keep up for so long, and the cocobolo started irritating my body. We hired a professional turner to take over the work. Then cocobolo got really expensive and the government started controlling it, which made it even more expensive.

So we moved to Dymondwood. Good stuff, looks like rosewood. Then the Dymondwood factory burned to the ground and they never rebuilt.

It was decent, but we had no idea what it was made from, and what kind of dust we were breathing when making them. Then we added infused beech. Also, good stuff, but sourcing wood, drying it, milling it, infusing it, then turning it ended up being another inventory headache. Then some uncontrollable parameters changed and the price of the knobs doubled. The cost on a Glide, with three knobs, would have increased more than anyone, especially us, would stomach.

From here on out all our Glide M and Glide C knobs will be made from aluminum. Yeah, sounds pretty awful right? We thought so too. Until we started really thinking about it. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the world. We have no problem sourcing it. Those are all compelling manufacturing reasons.

But how will it feel in the hand? Makes for pretty colors, and is durable, but its fairly cold and harsh. Perhaps too plastic-y to the touch. On the only contact point between the vise and the human body, we wanted better. Then it hit us as we were handling our cameras. Satin black wrinkle coating. For decades this finish has been used on everything from the cameras that went to the moon, classic sports car interiors, tool handles, stereos and electronics.

It has a tactile feel, its warm, and it looks great with our handwheels. Plus, its an economical choice that will allow us to keep our prices from getting out of hand.

This way our vises will match any choice of wood you like for the rest of your bench. Watch for our new knobs in the next few weeks. Posted by.


Moxon Vise

Modern woodworkers have discovered the usefulness of a vise that brings work up to a more convenient height, particularly when working the ends of boards, as in dovetailing. Early modern versions feature a tapped rear jaw and screws of threaded wood. But modern threading tools for wood screws leave much to be desired, so we developed our Moxon vise using the same principles which guide the development of our other vises: smooth, effortless action. The Benchcrafted Moxon Vise mounts to any workbench, raising your workpiece to a comfortable, ergonomic position and holding it rock solid. If you cut dovetails or other joints by hand, a Moxon vise will completely change your experience with these tasks.


Benchcrafted Moxon Vise Hardware


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