Mains 7 Earth points cable Network Aux. Relays Loops Master alarms entry Cable Page Mains Supply Mains supply Mains supply Ensure that the mains supply cable enters the panel through a dedicated cable entry, located adjacent to the mains terminal block and also ensure it is segregated from the loop wiring. To maintain earth continuity on a loop, the loop cable screen must be continued through each system device, whether the earth is connected to a device or not. Network cable screen continuity Ensure a good screen continuity joint exist where there is a split cable.

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To view the Historic log. Network node. A zone is a subdivision of your premises protected by " the fire alarm system. Devices such as fire sensors, alarm This operation is not applicable for a Network sounders, manual call points, interface units - node.

Page How To View A Zone Label Vigilon EN54 fire system How to view a zone label How to view the local panel label When there is a network of control panels and network nodes connected together in a system then This operation are not applicable for a each can be given an identification label, also referred Network node.

Page How To Edit A Local Panel Label Operating instructions How to edit a local panel label How to edit custom label A label is normally given to the control panel to identify A custom message or label is displayed beneath the its location in a network of control panels. Page Maintenance Vigilon EN54 fire system Maintenance Replacing the glass on a Manual Call Point Disengage the front cover from the call point assembly using the end of the test key.

Page Battery Replacement Vigilon EN54 fire system Battery replacement It is recommended where batteries are installed they must be replaced after useful life from the date the Vigilon system is first commissioned. Page Battery Replacement Operating instructions Battery replacement It is recommended where batteries are installed they must be replaced at 4 Yearly intervals from the date the system is first commissioned.

Page 35 Vigilon EN54 fire system Notes Page 36 Gent by Honeywell reserves the right to revise this publication from time to time and make changes to the content hereof without obligation to notify any person of such revisions of changes.


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GENT Vigilon EN54 Operating Instructions Manual


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