All Tony Youn ever wanted was to fit in. One of two Asian American kids in a small midwestern town, he was tall and thin with Coke bottle glasses, Hannibal Lecter headgear, a bowl cut, and a protruding jaw that grew even faster than his comic book collection. He entered a shy, skinny nerd with no nerve, no game, and no clue. He left a doctor.

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The book has received critical acclaim and an overwhelming positive response from his peers including Dr. Robert Ray Doctor and Dr. Drew Ordon The Doctors. Youn being interviewed on a popular TV show and was instantly interested in reading it. Youn, but would love to be at some time.

Particularly entertaining was the chapter about his jaw. The obviously self conscious teen not only overcame his physical hurdle, but turned it into a practice where he helps others improve their appearance.

I can confidently recommend In Stitches. Rated 5 out of 5 C. Waman — April 20, Medical memoirs are among my favorite books. I learn more about medicine and gain insight into the minds of those who save lives and improve quality of care. Dr Youn is a funny and emotionally honest man. He discusses his early life and his parents demanding ways through post medical school. This is a laugh out loud book which is an easy, quick read and small enough to carry with you on a plane — like I did.

A friend of mine saw how much I enjoyed this book and asked me for it so I gave it to her. She is enjoying it as well. A definite 5 star book. I expect others to enjoy it as much as I did.

Rated 4 out of 5 Lynne Lou — May 10, I loved this light-hearted story. Having had a son who went to Medical School, and having been myself employed in he medical field for many years, I suppose I am attracted to stories about medicine. However, Anthony Youn presented his story in such a charming, uplifting way, that I was truly impressed.

Anyone thinking about a career in medicine should read this book. Thank you for a lovely book! Rated 5 out of 5 Nancy Roberts — June 13, Dr Youn tells a story of a young man who struggled, persevered, found his passion and achieved his goals.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and it proved to be as inspiring as I had anticipated. It had me laughing out loud, and it rendered me to tears at times.

His attention to detail gave me a greater sense of his experience. His candor helped me to truly appreciate his struggles, and his self-deprecating humor made it highly entertaining. It was a heartfelt and inspiring account of how he evolved through the years, and overcame various obstacles. I was fascinated at the metamorphosis that took place.

Duckling to swan if you will… We can all relate to feeling like an outcast, a misfit at times. I admire the tenacity it takes to get right back up after a fall and to just keep swinging. Such an invaluable lesson for everyone, but for young people in particular who maybe in the midst of their own struggles This book also provides an excellent insight into what medical school entails and the impact that it can have on ones social life.

Sacrifices must be made, but the lesson is to never ever give up, in spite of any setbacks…. This will serve you well in the end. I can say that in addition to being a skilled and compassionate surgeon, he is extremely refined and confident in just the right way. In the end, his perseverance resulted in a successful career and a beautiful family. Yes, a success story indeed. Rated 5 out of 5 Jules — June 13, I am a mother-in-law to two doctors my son-in-law is Korean and my daughter-in-law is Indian.

As I watched as these young people navigate the gauntlet of training to be highly educated and finely skilled surgeons, I gained a new appreciation for what it takes to be a physician…. Oh my gosh, that could have been told by my son-in-law. The book is well written, funny, and illustrates both the intellectual and emotional growth Dr. Youn experienced during his years of training. Bonus for sharing the evolution of his relationship with his parents and brother.

Anyone thinking of going to med school, any physician, and any family member of a physician would enjoy this book. Add a review Your email address will not be published.


In Stitches

Shelves: non-fiction , book-club , memoir The vast majority of this book is awful. It was not. Youn, for most of the book, is just an unlikeable guy. I know this is kind of his coming of age story: he makes mistakes, he learns from them, he grows up. Another reviewer The vast majority of this book is awful. This is like a shitty Chelsea Handler book if Handler had been a sex-starved Korean male med student. It was not enjoyable.


Reviews for In Stitches

But the journey, as Youn describes it, is hilarious. His roommates tutor him in matters of love and lust. Get used to it. In a world where physicians can be almost god-like, Dr. My fellow plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, M.


In Stitches: A Memoir (Paperback)


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